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Orthoptera of Europe

The website Orthoptera of Europe offers:

  • A validated species list and taxonomic tree of all European Orthoptera.
  • A growing number of photos, sounds and oscillograms.
  • Consequent tagging with sources and specialists.
  • Many plans for expansion.
  • More

State of affairs

The species register contains

  • 225Species with pictures
  • 803Photos
  • 1382Accepted species names
  • 0Dutch names
  • 0English names


  1. Spectacular new Tettigonia from the Balkan

    Spectacular new Tettigonia from the Balkan

    20october2014 - Roy Kleukers

    An international team has revealed that the populations of Tettigonia cantans in the southern Balkan...

  2. Automated acoustic monitoring

    Automated acoustic monitoring

    20october2014 - Roy Kleukers

    Acoustic emissions are crucial in the life of grasshoppers, as the females choose their mates based ...

  3. Meconema meridionale in Poland

    Meconema meridionale in Poland

    15september2014 - Roy Kleukers

    In recent decades Meconema meridionale has expanded its range vastly, especially in western Europe, ...

  4. Chorthippus smardai from Slovakia

    Chorthippus smardai from Slovakia

    15september2014 - Roy Kleukers

    Recently Chorthippus smardai was described from Belianske Tatry mountains in northern Slovakia. The ...

  5. Groundhopper news from Croatia and Serbia

    Groundhopper news from Croatia and Serbia

    28august2014 - Roy Kleukers

    In this review the first records of Tetrix undulata for Croatia and Serbia are presented and the fir...

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