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Orthoptera of Europe

The website Orthoptera of Europe offers:

  • A validated species list and taxonomic tree of all European Orthoptera. 
  • A growing number of photos, sounds and oscillograms. 
  • Consequent tagging with sources and specialists.
  • Many plans for expansion. 
  • More

State of affairs

The species register contains

  • 225Species with pictures
  • 803Photos
  • 1382Accepted species names
  • 0Dutch names
  • 0English names


  1. Meconema meridionale in Poland

    Meconema meridionale in Poland

    15 september 2014 - Roy Kleukers

    In recent decades Meconema meridionale has expanded its range vastly, especially in western Europe, ...

  2. Chorthippus smardai from Slovakia

    Chorthippus smardai from Slovakia

    15 september 2014 - Roy Kleukers

    Recently Chorthippus smardai was described from Belianske Tatry mountains in northern Slovakia. The ...

  3. Groundhopper news from Croatia and Serbia

    Groundhopper news from Croatia and Serbia

    28 august 2014 - Roy Kleukers

    In this review the first records of Tetrix undulata for Croatia and Serbia are presented and the fir...

  4. Fat Newshopper

    Fat Newshopper

    28 august 2014 - Roy Kleukers

    In August the  IUCN SSC Grasshopper Specialist Group has published a thick digital Newshopper, 50 pa...

  5. New book on Slovenian Orthoptera

    New book on Slovenian Orthoptera

    5 august 2014 - Roy Kleukers

    Recently a new book on Slovenian Orthoptera has been published by Stanislav Gomboc and Blaz Šegula. ...

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