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Orthoptera of Europe

The website Orthoptera of Europe offers:

  • A validated species list and taxonomic tree of all European Orthoptera.
  • A growing number of photos, sounds and oscillograms.
  • Consequent tagging with sources and specialists.
  • Many plans for expansion.
  • More

State of affairs

The species register contains

  • 225Species with pictures
  • 803Photos
  • 1382Accepted species names
  • 0Dutch names
  • 0English names


  1. A new ant-cricket from Mallorca

    A new ant-cricket from Mallorca

    31march2014 - Roy Kleukers

    Myrmecophilus fuscus is described from Serra de Tramuntana mountain range on Mallorca. Before this d...

  2. Leptophyes discoidalis in Croatia

    Leptophyes discoidalis in Croatia

    19january2014 - Roy Kleukers

    Leptophyes discoidalis has an eastern distribution in Europe. In this paper the two westernmost reco...

  3. Iberian Meconematinae

    Iberian Meconematinae

    7january2014 - Roy Kleukers

    In this new contribution on the Iberian Meconematinae much new information is provided. It contains ...

  4. Ant crickets of Central Europe

    Ant crickets of Central Europe

    20december2013 - Roy Kleukers

    The ant crickets (Myrmecophilus) are one the most difficult Orthoptera groups in Europe. In a new pa...

  5. Omocestus minutus in Hungary

    Omocestus minutus in Hungary

    20december2013 - Roy Kleukers

    In 2009 Omocestus minutus was recorded for the first time from Hungary. Since then it has been found...

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