foto: © Paul van Hoof


The European Saga

24 April 2016 • Roy Kleukers

This new book focusses on probably the most appealing Orthoptera group in Europe: the Saginae. In Europe six species of these enormous spiny predators occur: Saga pedo, campbelli, rammei, hellenica,…

Participants of the first European Meeting on Orthoptera Conservation. 

First European Congress on Orthoptera Conservation

21 March 2016 • Roy Kleukers

The First European Congress on Orthoptera Conservation was held in Trier (Germany) from March 18-20, 2016 . There were about 20 lectures, with a titilating key note talk on sexual…

Faune de France 97: Caelifera

15 March 2016 • Roy Kleukers

In this two volume book all groups (except the Gomphocerinae) of the French Caelifera are treated. The Gomphocerinae will be included in a separate volume. The books are in French,…

Male of Roeseliana oporina. Photo Mario García-París.

Rediscovery of the ghost bush-cricket

19 February 2016 • Roy Kleukers

Roeseliana oporina was described from Central Spain by Bolivar in 1887. Later there was confusion and discussion about the type-locality, type-specimens and collector and subsequently the name was ignored by…

12th Congress of Orthopterology in Bahia

19 February 2016 • Roy Kleukers

The 12th International Congress of Orthopterology will be held in Bahia (Brazil) fro October 30 to November 3, 2016. This meeting provides a unique possibility to meet reknown Orthoptera researchers…